Who Do You Think You Are?

How do you view yourself? When you think about you, do you think “man, I’m so proud of me!” or do you think “I can’t get anything right?” Sometimes we allow our thoughts to impede our progress by believing that we can’t do what we are already doing.

Why do we do this? We do this because we are comparing ourselves to others and measuring our successes based upon the responses and successes of our peers who many times pay us very little attention. Thus, we end up repeating the same pattern because we choose to magnify what goes on in the lives of others rather than focusing on our present situations.  I’ve heard it said that when you compare yourself to others, you belittle what God has done for you. This simply means that as we measure our success against the success of others we completely disregard all the grace God has given to possess our accomplishments.

 How do we stop this process?

 Three keys

  1. Always make a point to thank God for your success before attributing it to your skills. When we focus on God, it leaves little room for us to focus on ourselves or other people.
  2. Work to be secure in the talents you have. As we develop our skill sets and talents we begin to notice our abilities are more impressive than we give ourselves credit.
  3. Continually strive to be better. As you develop yourself you will always see deficiencies, but if your focus is continued development you never have time to envy others because you are focused on developing yourself.