As we endeavor to fulfill our purposes, we race around day after day checking items off our to do list doing our best to ensure that we are progressing. We say, “ I have to get this done!” and “I’m so behind! This just can’t wait!”. This type of mindset forces us into overdrive and pushes us to accomplish all we have thus far. But sometimes I must admit that it is better to say, “Let’s hold off” or “Let’s scale back” than to continue pressing forward. As a person who is dogmatic about fulfilling her purpose, this is hard to admit. But nonetheless it is the truth! If we continue to move forward at what we perceive as the only speed there is, we will inevitably fail. Why?

Because the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is so true. Fulfillment in purpose takes time. Yes, you would love to quit your day job today and do what you love 24/7 but it that wise right now? Sure, you’d love to start a blog and post twice a week while being a wife, working part time, managing a nonprofit/personal brand, and promoting a book, Brittany, but is it the right time? Would posting once a week be better?

 This has been my dilemma the past month. I started this blog and was sure I NEEDED to post at least twice a week to keep you all engaged and to grow my following. And although that may be true for the future, that is definitely not possible right now. As I work to progress in all the areas listed above, I found posting twice a week for Total Life Now to be a burden even though it was a God idea to begin with as it helps me perfect my writing skills as an author.  So, I’m telling this testimony to warn you! As you work toward fulfilling your purpose and pray over the wonderful ideas you have, be conscious of timing! A good thing at the wrong time will inevitably become a bad thing. Don’t allow impatience to get the best of you! Fulfilling purpose is a life-long discovery process. You don’t have to do it all today or this week! The passion you have for your purpose MUST be put into perspective and developed into a plan for appropriate fulfillment!

 Trust God and walk in His timing without fear of failure! Prioritize rest and watch your purpose unfold better than you imagine!

 For this reason, Total Life Now Blog will be posted once a week on Monday mornings! I trust that as I develop in purpose it will become all that it was meant to be!

 No fear here!