Jesus Our Savior

What does it mean for Jesus to be our Savior? The word savior comes from the root word “save” which means to preserve and set aside for a specific purpose.

 When Jesus came to this earth that is exactly what He set out to do! His plan was to preserve you as you walk through this natural world and set you aside for a specific, unique purpose.

 Preserve-“as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death” God has promised to preserve us. He promised to give all we need from him that we never have to truly rely on this world. Our job is to trust Him to that extent. Are you being preserved by God or your job? Are you being preserved by God or your hard work?

 Set aside for purpose-God gave you a specific, unique purpose when He created you. He has equipped you to fulfill it. Again, it is our responsibility to trust Him and be obedient as He directs us down the path to bring it to fruition.

 So I ask you again but in a different way, is Jesus really your savior or your consultant?