Meet Brittany Nicole?


Brittany Nicole Hogan is a native of Rockford, AL.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 2009 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and later went on to obtain an Associates to become a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2012. As Brittany matriculated through her studies, she developed a deepened understanding of the life she was purposed to live. This epiphany produced a desire to share this wisdom with the world! Since attending youth conferences played such a dynamic role in her developing a relationship with Christ, she decided to begin this journey by serving students. With this desire, Brittany founded Empowered to Conquer (ETC) in June of 2009, a non-profit organization focused on developing students both spiritually and academically. Since this time, ETC has assisted thousands of students across Alabama through its programs and scholarships.

As Executive Director, Brittany enjoys the countless opportunities the vision of ETC affords her to touch the lives of students but her desire is to impact individuals of all ages with the message of purpose.  With this in mind, in April of 2014 Brittany began revamping a evangelism tool she developed in college to become her first published book, Defining Moment.  In this book, Brittany illustrates what a relationship with Jesus can really mean for you. The promotion of this book ignited a fire in her to continue sharing her heart with the world through writing. She continues to pursue this calling through her new book Who Are They Really: A Student Leader’s Guide to Penetrating the Present Culture, a book written to enhance the impact of those serving in the youth development sector.

Brittany enjoys serving in her local church as a Student Small Group Coordinator and a women’s small group leader for mom’s who have experienced infant loss or other pregnancy disappointments. After losing her first two daughters Niya and Madison to premature birth, she felt God calling her to share her journey with others and thus helps to lead women through the journey of healing only Christ offers.

She finds great enjoyment walking in her purpose as an author, speaker, Physical Therapist Assistant, Executive Director, and blogger. Although her calling to push others towards purpose is a constant, she endeavors to balance her priorities by continuing to keep God first and family second! She is blessed to have an awesome ministry partner and husband, Nick Hogan, and esteems her relationship with him only second to her relationship with God.  She values her time with her family and friends and rests her life only in her hope in Jesus.



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