What Is Your "Why"?

As we operate in life and endeavor to walk in our respective purposes, there is inevitably a “why” to what we do. Very rarely, if ever, do people do things just to be doing them. Whether good or bad, typically our “why” fuels us to maintain the commitments we have. For this reason, I challenge you to examine your “why” for every major commitment you have in every area of your life—physical, mental, social, financial, and spiritual. Why are you loyal to the respective commitments in each area? What is your “why” for each responsibility? Are you apart of that ministry at church because you were led to by God or because a friend needed help and you thought it wasn’t a big deal?

 I am convinced that if we are not motivated by direction from God then we will inevitably be unhappy. God’s guidance and direction always points us towards discovering and fulfilling His will! However, sometimes we get so caught up in serving Him that we forget to gain His opinion on how we serve Him. We subconsciously assume that as we serve Him we know best! This is pride! Functioning solely based upon God’s leadings produces balance and security while pride produces failure and lack of joy.

 So, I ask you, why are you doing ALL you’re doing? Is it truly for His glory or are you serving Him and “walking in purpose” on your terms? Are you experiencing joy, balance, and security or are you in fear and uncertain of how you are going to handle all you have to do?

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