Stand in Confidence!

Confidence is the product of being assured and secure in who you are as an  individual. When we are confident, we talk differently, walk differently, and even LOOK differently! Why? Because confidence breeds altered focus! When we are confident, our focus is entirely on the external.  No longer do we have to focus primarily on ourselves as we interact with others—that’s what insecure people do. Because we are confident, we shed the opinions of others easily and securely exude who we really are without hesitation.

 Are you confident in who you are or do you hide the real you to fit in with others? Many think that this is issue that only teenagers encounter. However, I am convinced that adults deal with this in a much deeper way. Because we are adults when we lack confidence, we have the opportunity to use our accolades and statuses to give the allusion of confidence when in fact we are more insecure than those we endeavor to impress. These traits surface when we lead teams at work, when we talk to our children, and even to our spouses.

 So how do we address this?

We must truthfully address the fact that we have insecurities and genuinely have a heart to dispel all attributes that tend to surface as we endeavor to mask our lack of confidence. We were created to use our gifts for others. But if we are too afraid to be ourselves we force others to find what we can give somewhere else. Be who you were created to be without apology! You are different and that is by divine design.