How to Have Successful Relationships

Sometimes in life we develop relationships with people that initially seem to be beneficial and worthwhile. However, along the way we begin to grow distant and begin to wonder if the relationship is worth investing into after all. At these moments it is important to take a step back and reevaluate expectations because successful relationships begin with proper expectations.

I believe some people are meant to play major roles in our lives and others are meant to play minor roles. Said differently, some people are meant to be in your life for a lifetime and others for only a season. For example,  I have friends who I KNOW are in my life to push me, hold me accountable, and support me for a lifetime and they do it well! Others I know are in my life only for a season and I do my best not to set my expectations in such a way that I erroneously hold them to a standard they were never meant to live up to in the first place. 

Is this easy? No. If you are anything like me, you enjoy people and developing relationships and sometimes the lines get blurred and you begin to develop unrealized expectations.  This is where we begin to subconsciously expect others to act/react in a particular manner consistent with our beliefs, customs, and/or mindsets. And, when they perform outside of these, we get upset.

My conclusion is that we can NEVER know how people will act/react in various situations especially in relationships. But if we know why they are in our lives then we can more accurately determine what we expect of them and then re-determine whether the expectations of the relationship are suitable. This is healthy in not only friendships but marriages as well. Sometimes in marriage we assume and expect certain things of our mates that are unreasonable. Understanding that your spouse is not God and can only meet the needs he/she were designed to meet is the only real expectation we should have of them.

This blog is designed to assist you in developing holistically as you walk in your purpose! In order to successfully walk in our purposes we must operate appropriately in our relationships and this starts with proper perspective and expectations.

So, let some people off the hook! Determine who is meant to play a major role and who is meant to play a minor role and set expectations accordingly!


#Walking in purpose