It’s Monday! :) Or It’s Monday. :(


It’s Monday! Let the dreadful remarks and statuses roll!

 Many people HATE for Monday to roll around because it means that they have to once again endure the job that they hate waking up for each day! Thus we walk into work with a half smirk just to be cordial and continually blame all our mistakes and disgruntle attitudes on the fact that (say it with me..) “It’s Monday!” Why?

 This attitude is a result of being discontent. There are several reasons one can become discontent but I want to address two of them and help you greet Mondays rathe than hate them:

 1. Discontentment can result from living a life outside of purpose.

 When you are working in your divine purpose sometimes you feel very little stress. (notice I said It seems at times that you are just made to do what you are doing. It feels this way because, well, you were! Purpose comes natural and it is naturally enjoyable. God promised to give us the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. Walking in His will pleases Him and thus comes naturally. However, when we are working outside of purpose, everything about our jobs seems dreadful. Our boss can ask us to complete a very simple task and we can easily become disgruntled! So, if you are working outside of your purpose I challenge you to identify what your purpose is and how you can begin doing what you were created to do!

 2. Discontentment can be the result of mentally operating in a season prematurely.

 Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to wake up on Monday morning excited about going to work? When you did, what where you doing in your dream? Who were you influencing? These types of daydreams can be exciting but toxic as they present the opportunity to mentally “checkout” from our present situations. I can attest to this! This time last year I was working full time as Physical Therapist Assistant. I had prayed and dreamed about this career for years. But after working full time in this arena for almost three years while running a progressing nonprofit, I began to become discontent. The job I once loved I only liked at this point. I wanted to invest more time in the nonprofit that I started rather than only work it at night and on the weekends. As a result, my attitude towards going to my “day job” changed drastically. I had that dreadful attitude towards Mondays that I described earlier. Of course I did my best not to show it (as this is the Christian thing to do ) but on the inside I felt like I was dying.  As I looked at all I could accomplish with the nonprofit with more time, I mentally checked out of my day job. Although I knew my season of working full-time was coming to an end, it took so much work to remain engaged. It wasn’t until I changed my attitude and perspective about where God had me at that moment that I was given the opportunity to work part-time on my non-profit! Now, I feel fulfilled in both areas! But, until God took me to the next season it was my responsibility to remain engaged and content where He had me.

 So, I ask you. Why are you so discontent? Why do you really hate Mondays?

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