The Best Apps to Prioritize Productivity



Are you a productive person? Do you get a lot done when you set out to accomplish a task or does it seem to take you forever to finish the task? Productivity can be a difficult topic as many of us have varying opinions of what is deemed as productive. But what I do believe we all can agree on is that the definition of being productive is checking tasks (big or small) off a to do list in a reasonable time. However, this can be difficult! There are so many things that call for our attention that seem like them have to be done immediately. But in order to move to the next level you must do one key thing: PRIORITIZE!!!


Prioritizing what’s most important to accomplish can be done in a few ways but I have two apps to suggest that can make things a lot easier for you:




This is by far one of my favorite apps! It allows you to make multiple to-do list and set reminders for every task on each list. This is important because as we decide what is most important to accomplish that day we can separate the task by type with each list and set reminders to make sure we don’t forget to do them. For example, within this app I have a "home' list, "nonprofit" list, and a "personal" to name a few :). Each list has to do items listed and reminders set. It's so helpful as I go through my day as it allows me to accomplish task from multiple list if I choose to prioritize the reminders accordingly!


download (1).jpg


This app is so simple it genius! If you are a person that would love to go to bed and say “I accomplished ____ today!” then this app is for you! It allows you to set today’s and tomorrow’s “wins” and reminds you to do so each morning. It's just that simple!!

 Don’t leave the challenge of prioritizing to chance. When we don’t prioritize we procrastinate by nature and this becomes is a never ending cycle. Use these apps to help make you more productive in prioritizing your life!