Exposing the Fears of Purpose

I am so excited to announce that my book, Defining Moment, is now in Carpenter’s Shop Bookstore in Vestavia, AL! The ride of publishing my first book has been fun but definitely not easy! So that’s what I want to talk about in today’s blog—exposing the fears of purpose!


Many times we look at the plans we have set before us and have a mixture of excitement and fear. We’re excited because what lies ahead is new and fresh but fearful of if the highly anticipated future will be as glamorous as we envision. This is EXACTLY how I felt when I began to prepare my book for publication. I had spent all this time writing and rewriting to ensure that it was perfect but still had so many fears. I wondered if anyone would read it. I wondered if it was really as good as I thought it was or were those who had proofed it just been kind.


Here are a few ways that I conquered these fears:


Fear #1: No one will really want to read my book.


The fact was that I had previously had a number of close friends and mentors read my book and they all had given me great compliments and feedback. They were candid about aspects of the book that needed editing, but the overarching theme was that it was a great book! The Bible says “in a multitude of counsel there is safety” and I had to choose to find safety in their responses. It’s easy to convince yourself otherwise and remain in fear even when everything around you says move forward. You must CHOOSE to not allow the negativity in your mind to hinder you from excelling.


 Fear #2: Everyone will disagree with the contents of my book and believe it is completely inaccurate.


Again, the fact of the matter was that because I had had a number of assistance with writing the book, the doctrine was clearly sound. From pastors to small group leaders Defining Moment had been scrutinized by the best. There was no reason from me to believe that EVERYONE would disagree. Now of course there will always be those who will disagree with my faith and that’s another conversation but with the accountability and editing I had there was no way EVERYONE would disagree.

 Those are just a few of the fears I had. Lol I challenge you to admit to yourself a few of your fears and address them head on! It was only when I did this that I found security in confidently promoting a gift God had given me to give to the world. Your purpose and talents are a gift! Don’t allow yourself to me hindered by personal fears!!


 What are some fears you have about the next level of your purpose and how are you dealing with them?