Exciting News!

Well everyone! My sincere apologies for my month delay in posting! If you follow me on social media you know the reason for my abrupt silence. If not, I am SO EXCITED to announce that my husband Nick and I are expecting our first baby!!! God is so awesome and we are honored to have the opportunity to raise a child for His glory!!!

The exciting news came so abruptly that it completely threw my blog writing schedule off! Although I had some stored up, they ran out very quickly!! In addition to the news, the fatigue has been so real that I am learning to adapt to my “new normal” as the baby continues to control my schedule even before he/she arrives!

 I plan to be consistent from this point forward and I am sure that I will have much more details to share concerning “adapting” while walking in purpose as we continue to accommodate the little one that will be here before the year ends! With this change, the blog will now be posted on Wednesdays rather than Mondays. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey of purpose together!

 Comment below and let tell me how you adapt to purpose as you have sudden life changes. Let’s grow together on this journey.