Are You Arrogant or Humble?

As I reflect back over this past weekend, I am completely humbled by the thought that so many people would come out to support the release of my first book “Defining Moment’. Based upon this, I wanted to share with you three ways that I believe this characteristic of humility can impact you as you move forward in developing in your purpose.

  1. Humility empowers us to see others for who they are!

When we are arrogant, we hardly have time to absorb the essence of others because we are so preoccupied with making sure everyone knows who we are and what we have accomplished. As you walk in humility, you gain one of the most valuable assets of life—relationships! God created us to connect with people. Don’t allow your arrogance to run them away!

  1. Humility teaches us to see the full picture!

Sometimes as we are moving forward and walking in purpose we can become short-sighted and lose the value that is found in embracing others opinions. Displaying humility allows us to not become so blinded by our strengths that we don’t see our weaknesses.

  1. Humility gives us strength!

Being humble strengthens us! When we are arrogant, it is inevitable that it is rooted in some sort of insecurity. Being humble gives us the confidence to be secure in who we are with strengths and weaknesses in full view.

As we begin and continue to fulfill our dreams, let’s be people of humility!